Salzkammergut Excursion Culture

The surrounding of Stainach-Pürgg is wonderful and offers a lot of interesting sights.


  • "Johanneskapelle" (Pürgg)
  • Cath. Church hl. Georg (Pürgg)
  • Historic cemetary (Pürgg)
  • Castle Trautenfels (Trautenfels)
  • Ruin Neuhaus (Trautenfels)
  • Cath. Church Saint Antonius of Padua (Stainach)
  • Cath. Church Saint Rupert & cemetery (Niederhofen)
  • Chapel at "Hauptplatz" in Stainach
  • Kalvarienberg at Schloss Friedstein (Niederhofen)
  • Castle "Friedstein" (Niederhofen)
  • Castle ruin Oberstainach

Fotos: Armin Walcher

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from 30Nov
Wieder am 8. & 9.12

Christmas Market at Pürgg!

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