4 pm to 10 pm
Opening hours

Monday & Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday & Thursday: 4pm - 10pm
Friday to Sunday: 11am - 10pm

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Styrian Delights

At Gasthaus Krenn our aim is to serve delicious dishes and host get-togethers in comfortable settings, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for our guests. This philosophy only works if you pay attention to details: whether it’s the loving decoration or the careful sourcing of our ingredients which are provided to us by the farmers, the animals and, of course, nature. Most importantly, we are still cooking from Grandma's cookbook without any compromises in quality.

Our Stuben

With views of the St. Georg church, the former Adam Alpenhotel where Peter Rosegger was once a guest as well as perspectives of the center of Pürgg – this dynamic scenery makes our ‘Stuben’ a special experience. The presence of a tiled stove is particularly welcome in the colder months, and in the evenings when the linen tablecloths embroidered with cross-stitches are brought out, the cozy ambience of an old farmhouse sparks to life. Our stuben can accommodate up to 30 people.

Our veranda

Overlooking the mountain range and green meadows, our veranda conveys the relaxing feeling of being out in the wilderness. With such soulful feelings surrounding the space, you wonder about the scenes that the old wooden walls would have witnessed of past generations. Up to 25 people can be accommodated on our special veranda.

Our garden

The traditional “stuben” is not the only thing inviting you to linger in the Gasthaus Krenn – the garden also plays a pivotal role and was built in the middle of Pürgg where you enjoy remarkable seasonal experiences: whether it’s in spring with the first rays of sunshine shimmering over the Grimming; or in summer to enjoy the humid evenings; or in autumn to watch the leaves coloring; or, best of all, when it’s transformed into a magical fairy tale in the Winter season with charming decorations. The garden is the perfect spot to pause and simply enjoy the moment.

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News & Events

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Krenn's Late Breakfast

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Recipe: Baked blutwurst dumplings

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Local music & culinary delights

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Recipe: Boiled beef



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